Bingo is played at The American Legion Post 112, 1118 N. Glenwood Avenue, Dalton, GA each Monday and Tuesday starting at 7 pm. On Friday Early Bird starts at 6:30 pm and regular bingo starts at 7:00 pm.


The public is invited and encouraged to participate.



Monday - 8 (eight) games with first seven paying $100.00 each and last game paying $800.00. 


Tuesday - 7 (seven) games with first six games paying $100 and seventh game paying $900.


Friday - 4 (four) games of Early Birds paying percentage. 4 games paying $125/ea and two (2) games paying $100/ea. *****Last game paying $1100.


Buy in at $7 for 3 cards for each game (Monday & Tuesday only), $12 for 6 cards for each game, $17 for 9 cards for each game. Add as many cards as you want at $5 for each 3 card set. Hand held Bingo computers are also available starting at $27. On the first Friday of each month there is a special Bingo session and other door prizes are also awarded.


Great fun in a comfortable setting. All proceeds go to helping Veterans.

American Legion, Dalton, GA
American Legion, Dalton, GA