Governor Kemp has opened up for a lot to start up but extended the stay at home order for anyone over 65 or anyone with a health issue for 30 days or until June 12, 2020. Most of our staff and most of our bingo players fall in the stay at home order. We could have Bingo but our staff cannot work and most of the players would not be allowed to play. We are looking at starting up on June 13, 2020 if this is not extended again.

Bingo is played at The American Legion Post 112, 1118 N. Glenwood Avenue, Dalton, GA each Monday and Tuesday starting at 7 pm. On Friday Early Bird starts at 6:30 pm and regular bingo starts at 7:00 pm.


The public is invited and encouraged to participate.



Monday - 8 (eight) games with first seven paying $100.00 each and last game paying $800.00. 


Tuesday - 7 (seven) games with first six games paying $100 and seventh game paying $900.


Friday - 4 (four) games of Early Birds paying percentage. 4 games paying $125/ea and two (2) games paying $100/ea. *****Last game paying $1100.


Buy in at $7 for 3 cards for each game (Monday & Tuesday only), $12 for 6 cards for each game, $17 for 9 cards for each game. Add as many cards as you want at $5 for each 3 card set. Hand held Bingo computers are also available starting at $27. On the first Friday of each month there is a special Bingo session and other door prizes are also awarded.


Great fun in a comfortable setting. All proceeds go to helping Veterans.

American Legion, Dalton, GA
American Legion, Dalton, GA