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Honor Guard 2019.jpg

L-R Front row: Anthony Robertson, James Ledford, George Lo Greco, Jerry Manning, Fred Denbleyker, Lee Oliver, Lonnie Cochran


L-R back row: Bob Oxford, Jim Lovain, Don Rich, Naomi Rich, Sheldon Grant, Ed Shiver, Junior Hammontree, Gary Benson, Paul Peel


Not in photo: Janet Duncan, Beth Wingfield, Don Gray

*Click on photos to enlarge*

When a Veteran passes and the family wants to honor the deceased with the Honor Guard ceremony, the funeral home verifies the Veteran has a honorable discharge by asking for the DD214 form, which is given to Veterans upon discharge from the service. Once this  form is obtained, American Legion Dalton, GA is contacted about time, location and date of the last rites. The ceremony consists of firing of the rifles, playing of taps and folding the flag and presenting the flag to the next of kin. Family can request any of the three phases or all three. Being a part of the Honor Guard ceremony is a tremendous honor to the Veteran who faithfully served the United States of America.


For more information about Honor Guard, please contact Post 112.



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