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Legion Family,

As a Legion, SAL, or Ladies Auxiliary member, you are eligible for up to $5,000 in NO COST TO YOU accidental death insurance. 

  • $5,000.00 NO COST To You Accidental Death Protection if traveling on official American Legion business*.

  • $1,000 Accident Protection for all covered accidents

Regulations require your Confirmation on file in order to finalize these complimentary benefits. Please activate your NO COST To You benefits today.  This benefit is provided by our Department of the American Legion. 

Please visit: for more information. 

The process is very simple.  Just visit the site, and click on "Sign Up Now".  You'll be walked through a form where you provide your Member Number and contact information.  You'll receive a confirmation email almost immediately. 

Again, this is a free benefit for all Legion, SAL, and Ladies Auxiliary Members.  But, you must confirm your membership on the site in order to receive it. 

LegionCare FAQs


How did I qualify for LegionCare, up to $5,000.00 in no cost to you benefits?

As a Legionnaire in good standing, you are automatically eligible for an important $5,000.00 Member Only Accident benefit every time you travel for any Legion business or $1,000.00 in benefits for all other covered accidents. This Accidental Death Protection is compliments of Your Department of The American Legion to thank you for your Membership. You pay NOTHING.

How do I confirm these no cost benefits?

Just complete the 100% secure online Confirmation Form. Once your Confirmation is submitted, we'll finalize your LegionCare benefit file right away.

Will I need to fill out a long form or get a physical from my doctor to sign up?

No. You can conveniently confirm LegionCare. Because this plan is offered to you on a guaranteed basis, there is no long form with complicated health questions to worry about. No medical exam is required. Just fill out the short form on this website to activate LegionCare today, NO COST To You Legionnaire Accidental Death Protection.

*This is a supplemental health insurance plan that requires you to have major medical coverage, Medicare, or other health coverage that meets “minimum essential coverage” as defined by the Affordable Care Act.

**Only $1,000 of Accident Protection is available in NH and MN

***This benefit is paid for by your Department of American Legion

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